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to give you an idea of how big the movement is, it is in washington d.c., pa., iowa, indiana, all the way to the west coast in san francisco. the movement has been put on by grass-roots organization, for magazine and pour news network. >> there is now a $10,000 bounty for the capture of george zimmerman. members of the new black panther party released a wanted poster of the shooter and hope to collect $1 million by next week. zimmerman is in seclusion fearing for his own life. one of his friends say that zimmerman has wept with remorse over the killing >> the supreme court has jumped into the fight over president's health-care overhaul. it is one of the biggest cases to go before the court in decades and it could become a big issue for the president's reelection campaign as well. supporters of president obama's health-care overhaul rallied in front of the supreme court. over the weekend, members of the tea party rallied against the law. the nine justices are listening to three days of arguments over whether the health-care law is constitutional. today's issue, should the court postponed a
in the indiana primary. it earned him just ten delegates. the primary calendar is headed to the northeast. he's not expected to do as well there. >>> it's one month since a young man was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. the man who shot martin is not speaking publicly about the incident, but his attorney and friend spoke to david muir. >> reporter: across the nation the rallies in support of trayvon martin, the unarmed teen shot and killed by the head of the neighborhood watch. anger growing because the man with the gun, george zimmerman, hasn't been charged. i sat down with zimmerman's lawyer. how does he react? >> i think he's surprised at the way things have taken off. it's become a national issue. that issue calling him a racist. that's not who george zimmerman is. >> you're going to argue this was a case of self-defense. >> the evidence will show that. yeah. >> are you going to use the stand your ground defense? >> i believe that will be applicable in this case. >> reporter: the stand your ground defense. someone who feels threatened has no duty to retreat. when we heard that ca
advisories in effect for parts of indiana ohio and even western pennsylvania as well as michigan. for tonight skies parley cloudy and light winds persist low temperature 36-43. tomorrow we will get a few peaks of sunshine. monday night may be a passing shower or thunderstorm. tuesday afternoon we warm back up. 7 day forecast: temperatures up and down. we go down back to the '50s on wednesday and then tried to shoot up to 66 on friday. sunday looks great temperatures 63 with some sunshine. >> thank you jim. from the director who brought us the movie titanic takes on a new epoch role, james cameron bravely goes where only two men have gone before. [ music box plays ] multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click today. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira.
the chair and i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from indiana. mr. coats: mr. president, this past friday marked the two-year anniversary of the passage of the affordable care act, otherwise known as obama-care. that law was signed into -- or that bill was signs into law just two years ago this last -- signed into law just two years ago this last friday. waicht in the senate at the time -- i wasn't in the senate at the time. i was actually in the state of indiana campaigning to be in the senate as a representative of that state. and as such, i had a very considerable amount of time crisscrossing the state and talking to hoosiers about the health care plan and their response to what was going on in congress and to the passage of that law. from small diners and restaurants all across indiana to visits to small business, large business, medium-sized business, big industrial giants, small mom-and-pop operations, medical providers, ordinary citizens -- we in indiana joined the nearly two-thirds, or perhaps even more than the two-thirds of the rest of the country, that polled
in indiana roberts was the smartest did in class. he has a history degree from harvard with top honors and a law degree from harvard with high honors. roberts has a conservative view of the role of a judge. he believes in leaving legislating to the congress and he said this in his confirmation hearing. >> judges are like umpires. umpires don't make the rules, they apply them. >> pelley: attorney david bois has argued before the chief when you look at the tenure of chief justice roberts, what has this court been known for? >> i think it's been known for conservatism-- not entirely-- but i think in general it's moved the flaw a conservative direction but i think it's largely done that incrementally. >> pelley: "cautious" is a word you hear often when people describe roberts. cautious and a stickler for rules. >> well, the chief justice is not only a brilliant judge but he's a regular person. he's got a family, he's the kind of person who would talk sports with you and he enjoys a round of golf. >> pelley: you play golf with him? >> there was a time when we played together with some frequ
coates is senator from indiana, "i'm hopeful the supreme court will agree with the majority of americans that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, and this law needs to be overturned." next up is north carolina. this is michael who is an independent. >> caller: let me say, thank you so much for allowing your callers to complete what they want to say. that is so refreshing. it seems the hosts allow the guests to ramble on and on, and callers are lucky they get 15 to 20 seconds. i wish they did more than this with "washington journal." here is what i've got. cheney just had a heart transplant. who paid for that? we the taxpayers paid for that. if he's not a billionaire, he's close to it. that's a problem in this country. congress give themselves the very best health care this country has to offer regardless of what it costs. they force we the taxpayers to pay 72% of their health care monthly per year per congress person. and what we need the do as a country, we need to demand that presidents, vice presidents and congress put on social security and medicare. if they aren't they would
, indiana, to new york city. the corporation for public broadcasting has made significant investments in digital media, reaching diverse communities and creating a dialogue to engage local communities. pat will be followed by ninasazer o donl, vice president for education at the united way worldwide. and max miller, co-ceo of big brothers, big sisters of america. in addition to brian gallagher's announcement from united way this morning on the feeder schools, united way and big brothers, big sisters are taking their long standing partnership a step further to accelerate their progress on the civic marshal plan. and, finally, rounding out the beginning with extraordinary leadership from one of the most significant companies in america, at&t, we'll hear from beth shiroishi. please, first warmly welcome the ceo of the corporation for public broadcasting, pat harrison. >>> i want to thank bob for all he's doing to help america become a grad nation. it's great to be with so many people concerned with america's young people and putting that concern into action through america's promise alli
. >> reporter: go through the crowd and you quickly find marie from indiana. she said the law shouldn't stand. >> because it's not constitutional, number one, and because it was run through in a horrible way that it was done, number two, because they are going to be rationing and it's going to be winners and losers. >> i'm a rebel rouser and want of peace and justice. healthcare for everybody. >> the large every the government, the -- larger the government, the lesser my individual freedom and liberty. >> reporter: many waited in line for tickets. >> you got my tickets. >> reporter: he is on a father- son trip to d.c. >> and he'll have the opportunity to one day tell people he was there when they argued the case. i'm an individual who believes the less government in people alives, the better and so both sides of the argument. this is one of the cases where we have a broken healthcare system and need to find a solution. >> reporter: the police stood close by but there was no trouble. 120 members of the public got inside the buildings here all of today's arguments and these folks lined up are a
this mother lost both her legs from the tornado that devastated kentucky and indiana. tamara evans shares this inspirational story. >> reporter: there's a lot of work to be done to this house. before stephanie decker finally returns home. >> help out joel and stephanie and little reece and dee so they can have a home since theirs was destroyed. >> reporter: this is one of two homes belonging to the deckers. stephanie was protecting her kids from the tornado in their basement, and was crushed by debris. doctors had to amputate her legs. >> good thing to come out and help. wasn't even a question. we were all on top, ready to come out here and help this morning. >> reporter: so volunteers and players from joe decker's high school baseball team are pitching in to help. they helped move the family renting the decker's home out, and spent the weekend getting it ready for stephanie to move back in, from taking out carpet, to installing floors. the goal was to make things easier when she gets out of rehab. >> they've added an addition to the back of the house, i think it's a master bedroom, that
to the north and the west. ohio up into indiana and even michigan. and down south into areas of central virginia as well as new jersey. all under a freeze warning here for the overnight, early morning time period. so we are going to be getting cold. 36 degrees by tomorrow morning inside the beltway. sun is up tomorrow at 7:23 and even once the sun comes up it'll take us a little while to get going and warm up. but look at the chilly evening, too. 49 degrees at 9:00. 11:00 p.m. 45. chilly, chilly. here we come. 45 degrees right now in olney and gaithersburg. so look at some of the spots we're talking about. again, for several hours maybe three or four hours dipping down below freezing. 29 there in gaithersburg. 27 leesburg. 26 degrees in areas around culpepper and it's the spots off to the west that i'm thinking that's where we could really see a little bit of damage to some of those tender plants and vegetation. sunshine is with us tomorrow. hey, no problems at all. we'll bounce back, right? we have high pressure and will get a chance to warm up on wednesday. notice the cloud cover that
. larry bird was a forward for the indiana state sick morse. bird one of the top scorers in all the nation. spartans game plan was simple keep the ball away from him. it worked. michigan state won it all. epic rivalry would continue once magic went to the lakers and birds to the celtics. to this day they are still close friends but march madness reached new levels 33 years ago today. and now you know the news for this monday, march the 26th
? >> not here with the experts to answer questions. dan coats is senator from indiana and he writes -- next up is north carolina and this is michael who is an independent. >> thank you so much for allowing your callers to complete what they want to say. i watch "washington journal" and i listen to it every day. you had to cut off a couple of people but that is understandable. thank you for allowing people to say what they want to say. dick cheney does have a heart transplant. who paid for that? he is close to a billionaire. congress is themselves the best health care. we pay 70% of the health-care monthly premiums -- 72%. that is a subsidy of $11,000 per year per congressman. we need to demand that presidents, vice presidents, and congress -- they would fix these problems. if they do not like that, do not run for office. thank you so much. >> on twitter -- next is charleston, mississippi. this is antoine. you're on the air. all right. we'll take our next telephone call. we'll take a shot of people leaving the court as the minister why out after the oral arguments -- as they make their way afte
condition or some other pre- existing condition. host: daniel, independent, bloomington, indiana. caller: good morning. a gentleman called about wells consolidation to save a family member. i would say go ahead and consolidate your money. basically, if you are denied the coverage from the government, how is that treatment going to be provided from that family member. say your family member or your sister were told they could not get a bone marrow transplant because they had a problem. what are you going to do? are you going to suffer or get the treatment? host: david savage? guest: i'm not sure i understand about wells consolidation. in other words, if you have the money, you can pay for special treatment on your own. that's certainly a reasonable way to approach it. insurance, under any situation, does not cover everything. some people do have one of those extreme conditions where they need some special treatment that is quite expensive. it would obviously be worthwhile in that situation to have the money to do it. host: let's talk about law itself as it was written by congress the cour
. indiana. >> happy 18th birthday. all right, if your birthday is today here's what you can expect. for this afternoon, sunshine in the northeast. winds are going to be picking up. that's going to lead to windchills by tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. still really warm, record hypotension along with the slight risk in the northern plains. still warm to the south of that system. bitterly cold tomorrow morning in the northeast. we're talking single digit or perhaps teen windchills from new york to boston. >> good morning. the sunshine returning. temperatures are going to feel a little cooler. the wind will be out of the >> and you can get a look at your weather 24/7 at the weather channel for weather.com. matt, back to you. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. up next, helping our heroes, our special initiative to help find jobs for our returning veterans. >>> back now at 8:35 with a special initiative across the platforms of nbc news called "hiring our heroes." we've partnered with the u.s. chamber of commerce to help unemployed veterans get back into the workforce. on wedn
-- alabama to texas to new york to tennessee. to indiana. we have our folks go across the country all the time. we have skip humphrey. i think that as we work, we have a mission. it is a mission set by congress. we want support and partnership with all the elected and appointed officials and agencies to do our work. and it will make us more successful. >> we have time for maybe one more question. do you want to take it? -- bob >> just to give back to the oversight question a little bit, and the question of possible legal action. is that in keeping the agency adderall, the thought that the first aggressive action you take, rulemaking or enforcement action is likely to end up in court and be challenged because of the recess appointment? for thatpreparing contingency, and is that holding you back in doing anything you are doing? >> it is not affecting our decision making. i do not see how it legitimately could. now that i am appointed as the director, people may have their own questions about that, but now that i am appointed as the director, this bureau is under obligation by law to do
of birthdays on the plaza. your name and where are you from? >> freda. indiana. >> happy 18th birthday. all right, if your b here is what you can expect. winds will be picking up. that will lead twoynd chills by tomorrow morning. keep that in mind. midsection is still really warm. record hypotenial along with slight risk of severe weather in the northern plains. that shifts more into the mid mississippi valley. still warm to the south of the syst system. barely cold in the northeast. we are talking single digits, perhaps teen wind chills from new york to boston. that's a look at the weather across the country. >> good morning. tom kierein, storm center 4. lye view from our sky watcher camera. canopy is really greening up. but spring will be stopped in its tracks tonight. and as temperatures will be plummeting to near the freezing mark. but not now. we are in the 50s. much of the region here at 8:30 in the morning now at 56 at reagan national, later today into the mid and upper 60s. blustery wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. lots of sunshine. clear, much colder tonight with diminishing winds
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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